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What’s the penalty for leaving your dog in the cold? Why did a UNM frat lose its charter? People are mad about what breed of Albuquerque spokesperson? Police officers in Albuquerque make less than …

1) Pet owners who leave animals out in the cold overnight without shelter could face what penalty?

a. A $30 fine.

b. A $300 fine.

c. A $300 fine or 90 days in jail.

d. A $3,000 fine and mandatory 90 days in jail.

2) Kappa Sigma, a UNM fraternity, lost its charter because:

a. The overall grade point average was not up to snuff.

b. Officials say it served booze to minors and police found a shotgun in the bushes.

c. Several members were caught skinny-dipping in the Duck Pond.

d. They gave it up voluntarily, because members realized how irrelevant Greek life is.

3) Tourism officials are arguing about an ad for New Mexico that features:

a. Office worker aliens.

b. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

c. Hot-air balloons and mountains

d. Orange barrels

4) Which of the following police departments pay more than APD to an officer after one year of academy completion?

a. Farmington

b. Hobbs

c. Los Alamos

d. All of the above

Answer Me This


1) C. People who leave their pets outdoors overnight without a large enough shelter to allow the animal to walk in a circle are subject to a potential $300 fine or 90 days in jail. About 12 calls a day come in to Animal Control regarding animals neglected in colder weather.

2) B. The fraternity’s charter was revoked for two years by the national organization and residents of the Kappa Sigma house must leave by mid-December. Officials say minors were given alcohol and a shotgun was found near the frat by campus police breaking up a fight.

3) A. Drooling aliens discuss their personal life before declaring New Mexico "the best place in the Universe," and critics feel the ads should highlight the landscape and culture of the state instead. The ads, they say, appeal to the wrong demographic.

4) D. The
Albuquerque Journal studied 20 police agencies in the Southwest. The Albuquerque Police Department ranked 13 th in pay for officers after one year of academy completion, 15 th for officers with 10 years of experience and 15 th for pay above median household income. According to the survey, officers in Farmington get $44,512 one year out of the academy. Officers in Hobbs make $43,888, and officers in Los Alamos see $42,500. Albuquerque police receive $39,520.
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