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Christie Chisholm
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Could your red-light camera tickets be refunded? Why are New Mexico thieves acting like fools? Santa Fe police were suspicious of what object? Highland High School is proud to present…

1) What public figure is suing the city to refund red-light camera citations?

a. Gov. Bill Richardson

b. A former police captain

c. An ex-city councilor

d. Val Kilmer

2) What material are thieves harvesting across New Mexico?

a. Copper

b. Steel

c. Astroturf

d. Lumber

3) What mysterious item did Santa Fe police find last week that prompted a death investigation?

a. A gun

b. A bloody wrench

c. A human femur

d. A Halloween prop

4) Why is Highland High getting a lot of attention?

a. Its students performed better than any other school’s in APS on this year’s PSATs.

b. The school is instituting a rain catchment system.

c. The principal is a well-known flamenco dancer.

d. It unveiled an artificial turf sports field.

Answer Me This


1) B. Capt. Sonny Leeper, who retired from APD last year, went to a city hearing after being issued a speeding ticket by red-light cameras. He was accused of going 42 mph in a 40 mph construction zone, but the camera was set to ticket people going over 30 mph. Leeper was immediately found not guilty, but now he’s teaming up with an attorney to ask the city to refund up to 1,300 drivers wrongly accused.

2) A. Idiot thieves are nabbing copper (which has increased in price from 60 cents a pound in 2001 to about $3.50 a pound) from electrical utility poles over the state. But they may get more than they bargain for—under certain conditions, the poles could electrocute them. Earlier this year, thieves stole more than six miles of copper wire from a
Rail Runner track, causing more than $350,000 in damage.

3) D. Police discovered what appeared to be a child-sized skull in a parking lot. They roped off the area, took pictures of the skull and sent it to anthropologists at UNM. The first two scientists who saw the pictures told police they were dealing with human remains, but a supervisor who later looked at the photos realized the skull definitely didn’t belong to a child and, in fact, wasn’t even human. The skull was a leftover Halloween prop and made of plastic.

4) D. The new field may become a trend among Albuquerque high schools—
La Cueva officials are already talking to legislators about getting their own fake grass. Highland’s field uses 115,000 square feet of high-quality artificial grass called Mondoturf and cost $900,000–$600,000 came from the Legislature, $80,000 from the city, $100,000 from APS and $120,000 from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. The field is expected to save more than 2 million gallons of water annually.
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