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Simon McCormack
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The high school rumor mill strikes again. How will the State Senate kick off its next session? Why is the governor in hot water? How did a mail carrier allegedly dispose of his loot?

1) A La Cueva High School cheerleader had charges dropped against her this week. What was she accused of?

a. Flashing her gym instructor

b. Cheating on her PSATs

c. Giving out marijuana-laced cookies to her schoolmates

d. Showing an inadequate amount of cheer at a pep rally

2) The State Senate will open its session with …

a. A juggling demonstration

b. A Hindu prayer

c. The pledge of allegiance in Spanish

d. A Navajo dance performance

3) Scott Darnell, spokesperson for the state Republican Party, is huffing and puffing about the governor …

a. Spending too much of his time campaigning for president

b. Not providing enough funding to expand the Rail Runner

c. Keeping public documents from Republican Party members

d. Awarding state contracts to campaign contributors

4) How did a postal worker allegedly get rid of stolen mail?

a. He threw it in a ditch.

b. He tossed it in a dumpster behind the post office where he worked.

c. He shredded it using postal service paper shredders.

d. He ate it and then had to be rushed to a hospital.

Answer Me This


Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg says the charges brought against the cheerleader (whose name has not been released) were based on rumors circulating in the school and there was no reason to keep the case alive. The 14-year-old freshman served a three-day suspension and sat out 45 days of cheerleading because of the allegations.

B. Hindu chaplain
Rajan Zed will read a prayer from ancient Hindu scriptures before the Legislative Session begins on Jan. 28. The event will mark the first time a Hindu prayer has been delivered in the State Legislature.

D. The firm of
Sutin, Thayer and Browne is among the top contributors to Gov. Bill Richardson’s presidential campaign, having donated $36,465. The firm has also received at least $750,000 from the state for legal services. Gilbert Gallegos, a spokesperson for the governor, says Richardson "had no role with any contract the Sutin law firm has with the state."

A. A married couple say they saw a carrier toss opened mail out of his truck into a South Valley ditch. The postal employee (whose name has not been reported) was suspended and might face criminal charges.
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