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Marisa Demarco
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What did one traveling family find in a Santa Fe bathroom? What question does the mayor want the courts to answer? Where will our state’s National Guard be deployed? How many animals left the city’s shelters alive last year?

1) What did a family find in a Santa Fe RV park bathroom?

a. A spotted owl

b. An ancient skull

c. A hidden camera

d. A valuable gem

2) What is Mayor Martin Chavez asking the state District Court to find out?

a. If he can institute a vice mayor position

b. What it would take to declare a "Chavez Rulz" day

c. If there’s a process for firing city councilors

d. Whether he can be mayor forever

3) Eighty New Mexican members of the National Guard will spend a year deployed in:

a. Guantánamo Bay

b. Iraq

c. New Orleans

d. Iran

4) What percentage of animals were adopted or reclaimed from Albuquerque animal shelters in 2007?

a. 15 percent

b. 55 percent

c. 74 percent

d. 95 percent

Answer Me This


1) C. Kimble Kubiak looked up from washing his hands and saw a
small camera in the bathroom (which also houses showers) of the Santa Fe Skies RV Park. The park says it was trying to catch cleaning supply thieves.

2) D. Chavez asked the court on Thursday to find out if the City Charter’s mayoral
term-limit regulations are constitutional. As it stands, mayors can’t serve more than two consecutive terms. Chavez is in his third term, though it’s only his second consecutive term. He says he hasn’t decided to seek another term (violating the charter) in 2009, but he might.

3) A. The
80 New Mexicans will head to Cuba on Jan. 14 to join a task force running the Guantánamo Bay base. They will be getting a "front-row seat to history," Greg Zanetti, the New Mexico Army National Guard brigadier general, told the Santa Fe New Mexican. Legal proceedings will begin in the spring to determine the fates of detainees who’ve been held for years without being charged.

4) B. The city’s shelters saw more than 27,000 animals last year.
Fifty-five percent of them were either taken back to their homes or adopted. Many were euthanized.
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