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Marisa Demarco
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UNM’s hype man pockets how much? A stem-cell measure in the Legislature allows researchers to do what? What ABC reality show is zooming in on Albuquerque? Why is the Frontier taking our 3 a.m. cinnamon roll away from us?

1) How much UNM money did Mike Collins net last year to help the university with tough press situations?

a. $700

b. $7,000

c. $70,000

d. $700,000

2) A stem-cell research bill introduced to the State Legislature would allow:

a. The cloning of embryos

b. The selling of embryos

c. Research on any available embryo

d. Research on discarded embryos

3) Which reality TV show is filming in Albuquerque?

a. "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"

b. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

c. "The Real World"

d. "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

4) The Frontier will no longer be open 24 hours because:

a. Paying for insurance and security guards got too expensive.

b. Nobody goes to the Frontier after 2 a.m. anyway.

c. Patrons can’t behave themselves in the wee smalls.

d. Working graveyard is lame.

Answer Me This


1) C.
UNM shelled out 70 Gs in 2007 for Collins to provide media strategy to the University since late May. He was hired by David Schmidly and has worked with the new UNM president at several schools. Collins’ job is to follow all university media clippings and call Schmidly if he thinks UNM isn’t handling its image well. He also worked media strategy for the GOP. Collins will snag $152,000 from UNM in 2008.

2) D. The bill would allow the University of New Mexico to conduct research on embryos discarded from fertility clinics. The cloning or selling of embryos would not be allowed. Proponents say stem-cell research could help uncover cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among other diseases.

3) B. "
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is rebuilding the home of Gerald Martinez in the Trumbull Village neighborhood of the Southeast Heights at 404 Grove SE. Construction was scheduled to be completed Monday, Jan. 21. The episode will air next season.

4) A. The beloved 24-hour eatery will close its doors between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. because insurance for a 24-hour business and the cost of security is too high.
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