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Marisa Demarco
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Lobbyists drop big bucks on politicians. Is it Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for New Mexicans? What did someone steal from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"? How high could UNM’s entry GPA requirement go?

1) Lobbyists doled out $843,000 last year. How much went to Lt. Gov. Diane Denish?

a. $97

b. $970

c. $9,700

d. $97,000

2) According to a SurveyUSA poll, who does better against Republican candidates in New Mexico?

a. Hillary Clinton

b. Barack Obama

c. John Edwards

d. Jon Stewart

3) What did police say thieves stole from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" while the show was in Albuquerque rebuilding a home in Trumbull Village?

a. A utility truck

b. A bunch of lumber

c. A tool chest

d. Camera equipment

4) UNM is considering raising its entrance standards. If the regents approve President David Schmidly’s proposal, prospective students will need what GPA to get into the university in fall 2009?

a. 3.5

b. 3.0

c. 2.5

d. 2.0

Answer Me This


1) D. Big
donors to Denish’s campaign included Coast Range Investments, a company from California working on a 6,000-acre development near Belen; the New Mexico Hospital and Health Systems Association; and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico. Health coverage for all New Mexicans is on the top of Gov. Richardson’s agenda this Legislative Session.

2) B. The
SurveyUSA poll generally says New Mexicans prefer Obama against the top four Republican candidates–more so than Clinton. Obama beats Rudy Giuliani with 8 percent, Mitt Romney with 10 percent, Mike Huckabee with 8 percent and loses to John McCain by 9 percent. Clinton beats Giuliani by 5 percent, Romney by 3 percent, Huckabee by 1 percent and loses to McCain by 9 percent.

3) A. According to police, someone stole the
utility truck the same day the show revealed the completed house to its owners. The truck is property of ABC.

4) C. Schmidly is asking the Board of Regents to raise UNM’s
entry GPA to 2.5 for the fall 2009 semester. In 2010, the university would demand a 2.75 GPA. Presently, the GPA requirement is 2.25.
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