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Marisa Demarco
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Area men make national news after filming what? Why is it getting warmer out here? A new bill would increase domestic-violence penalties how? A Deming man collected what kind of animal?

1) Some guys in Albuquerque made national headlines by posting on YouTube:

a. Footage of mountain lions fighting in the Bosque

b. A documentary of extreme vandalism performed on public offices

c. A clip of the men waterboarding themselves

d. A series of horror shorts viewers believed were real

2) According to a recent report, the warmer climate in the western United States is caused by:

a. El Niño

b. General warming trends experienced every 100 years or so

c. What warmer climate?

d. Humans

3) A domestic-violence bill passed the state Senate. Under the measure:

a. Third-time offenders would face a felony conviction

b. All offenders would be forced to attend anger-management classes

c. Domestic-violence victims would be given moneys to leave the state

d. Offenders would face increasing fines, starting at $10,000 for a first-time conviction

4) A man in Deming was killed by his pet rattlesnake. At his house, authorities found:

a. About 50 cats

b. 179 more snakes

c. An extensive reptile collection

d. 20 fish tanks

Answer Me This


1) C. One night in December, Jean-Pierre Larroque decided to be
waterboarded by one friend while another filmed it. Waterboarding is a controversial interrogation technique the CIA says it ceased several years ago. Generally, the practice consists of laying people on their backs and pouring water over their faces and breathing passages to simulate drowning.

2) D. A team of scientists from California say reduced river flow, shrinking snowpack and early snowmelt are caused by
human impact on the environment. The paper was published in Science . The trend is expected to continue, and the researchers say past weather will no longer indicate what we can expect in the future.

3) A. A third conviction of domestic violence would be a
felony, and offenders would face up to 18 months in jail. People convicted of four or more offenses would face a third-degree felony and up to three years in prison. Without the bill, domestic violence crimes would continue to be classified as a misdemeanor with a possible 364 days jailtime and a $1,000 fine.

4) B. The state’s Department of Game and Fish is in the process of removing
179 snakes from James Bear’s three-bedroom home. Eighty-four were venomous. Friends of Bear, who died from a rattlesnake bite on his thumb, are keeping the reptiles.
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