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Simon McCormack
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What did a man and his daughter find on their bike ride? Who’s clogging the courts? A first at the Albuquerque Aquarium. And who helped slap the cuffs on a serial robber?

1) While walking near a canal on Albuquerque’s north side, J.R. Padilla and his 6-year-old daughter spotted …

a. One of the oldest fossils ever found in the Southwest

b. A loaded handgun

c. A man’s dead body

d. A sack of money floating in a pool of stagnant water

2) District court in Albuquerque is being overrun by …

a. People contesting traffic tickets

b. Defendants complaining about faulty Breathalyzer tests

c. Domestic abuse cases filed by men and women

d. Petty misdemeanor drug cases

3) The Albuquerque Aquarium was host to the first …

a. Shark attack in captivity caught on tape

b. Customer brawl that lead to serious fish tank damage

c. Seafood sandwich at an aquarium made with real eel

d. Blacktip shark birth in captivity

4) Who brought the "Baby Face" serial robber to justice?

a. His mom

b. His daughter

c. His brother

d. His dog

Answer Me This


1) C. Padilla called police when they realized they found a body. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department does not know who the man is, but they’re investigating the case as a homicide. The body was sent to the Office of the Medical Investigator to determine how the man died.

2) B. After two DWI cases successfully challenged the results of Breathalyzer tests, Albuquerque’s district court is now flooded with DWI defendants appealing their cases. There are more than 150 appeals waiting to be heard in Albuquerque’s district court.

3) D. The new baby blacktip sharks are believed to be the first ever born in captivity. The little guys probably wouldn’t have survived if aquarium workers hadn’t spotted them quickly and brought them to safety before they were eaten by other fish.

4) A. Carlos Lueras’ mom told police she recognized her son from photos and billboards of the bank robber on television. Lueras is accused of robbing six New Mexico banks and making off with $11,400, according to court records.
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