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Marisa Demarco
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What caused the fire at the Golden West? How many Whole Foods does Burque have? Who gets Journal profits? What did jokers do to anger Albuquerque police?

1) According to the Albuquerque Fire Department, what caused the fire that burned down the Golden West Saloon?

a. A malfunctioning heater

b. A rag soaked in linseed oil

c. A short in a light socket

d. Bad wiring in the building

2) How many Whole Foods stores are there in Albuquerque?

a. One

b. Three

c. Four

d. Five

3) Now that the Trib is gone, how do profits from the Journal break down?

a. The
Journal will get to keep all of its money.

b. The
Journal will lend Scripps Howard, the Tribune’s parent company, some money to keep the chain afloat.

c. Scripps Howard will lend the
Journal money.

d. Scripps Howard will continue to bite off a chunk of
Journal profits.

4) Albuquerque police were pissed last week when pranksters …

a. Shined a high-powered laser into a police helicopter cockpit

b. Jammed a banana in an APD squad car tailpipe

c. Spray-painted giant fingerprints on a substation

d. Fed police dogs laxatives

Answer Me This


1) B. Melissa Romero, spokesperson for the Albuquerque Fire Department, says a rag soaked in
linseed oil and stored in a plastic container spontaneously combusted. Arson has been ruled out, and the Fire Department says the fire is accidental.

2) C. Whole Foods purchased Wild Oats and spent the last couple of months folding it into its operations. Signs in front of Wild Oats were converted to read “Whole Foods” days ago. There used to be one Whole Foods in Albuquerque, but three Wild Oats have been changed to Whole Foods,
making a total of four. There are now two Whole Foods sites in Santa Fe.

3) D.
Scripps Howard will continue to siphon Journal profits, even though there is no longer a Joint Operating Agreement between the two companies, and Scripps’ paper, the Albuquerque Tribune , was shut down. Scripps has a 40 percent stake in the Albuquerque Publishing Company.

4) A. Two men were apprehended for shining a construction-grade laser into the cockpit of an
APD helicopter when it was trying to make a landing. The officer pilots were blinded by the laser but able to avoid a wreck.
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