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Marisa Demarco
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Why is Ted Nugent coming here? Who is 10 million years old? Can I shoot you an e-mail about that public record? How long have a mother and son been missing?

1) What kind of show will Ted Nugent tape in New Mexico?

a. A reality show in which 15 hot ladies will compete for his attention while he fly fishes in the Pecos.

b. A hunting show enjoying New Mexico’s plentiful elk, mountain lion and turkey.

c. A barbecue show in which he will be enjoying our excellent breweries and sunny weather.

d. A survivalist show in which Nugent is dropped off in the Jemez with only a match, an ax and a rifle.

2) A geologist stumbled upon a 10 million year old fossil from what animal?

a. Stegosaurus

b. Oreodont

c. Twixdont

d. Squirrel

3) Can you send an e-mail to request documents from the government under the Inspection of Public Records Act?

a. Yes

b. It’s unclear

c. No

d. Only during a full moon

4) A search began today for a mother and son who have been missing for:

a. 17 hours

b. 17 days

c. 17 months

d. 17 years

Answer Me This


1) B. Nugent will tape
26 episodes of a hunting show in New Mexico.

2) Geologist Dave Love found the fossil of a plant-eating creature known as the
oreodont. Scientists uncovered a skull, lower jaws and skeleton. Most oreodont fossils are found in Espanola, though the animal is uncommon to the Southwest.

3) B. Attorney General Gary King will request the Legislature amends New Mexico sunshine laws to ensure the government
accepts e-mail requests for public records. As it stands, it’s unclear if a written request is the same as an e-mailed request under the law.

4) D. More than 75 people in Las Cruces began searching "A" mountain for clues regarding the disappearance of a mother and son
that happened in 1991. State police says foul play is suspected. A family that regularly visits the base of the mountain gave a tip to an investigator recently.
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