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Marisa Demarco
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Who’s hurt by a sick economy? What did you catch over spring break? Where did the Virgin Mary show up? What do you call Rio Rancho’s police?

1) How is the ailing economy affecting New Mexico?

a. Beef sales are down, hurting ranchers.

b. Sales are down generally, cutting into gross receipts tax revenue.

c. Balloon Fiesta turnout could drop.

d. Green chile exports are slowing.

2) After spring break, the Student Health Center at UNM sees a rise in:

a. Flu

b. Hangovers

c. Sexually transmitted infections

d. Fake illnesses from students seeking excuse notes

3) The Virgin Mary—or a shape that resembled her—appeared in El Rito, N.M., in:

a. A crabapple tree

b. A frosted window

c. A squash

d. A rusted wheelbarrow

4) Rio Rancho wants to change the name of its Department of Public Safety to:

a. Department of Good Friends and Neighbors

b. Department of Public Security

c. Department of Defenders

d. Department of Police

Answer Me This


1) B. Spending was down in January 2008 compared with January 2007. That means the
gross receipts tax flow is slowing, and cities usually use that cash to operate. Mayor Martin Chavez says city employees won’t be laid off as a result, but departments won’t grow.

2) C. According to a
doctor at UNM, the Student Health Center sees more STIs the week after spring break, and students should think twice before having unprotected sex.

3) A. Bertha Silva Martinez of El Rito says the Virgin Mary appeared on her
crabapple tree. Bark peeling away from a prominent branch revealed the shape.

4) D. The Rio Rancho City Council voted to spend $70,000 to change the Department of Public Safety to the
Department of Police. Robert Boone, Rio Rancho police chief, says that money could have bought at least two squad cars.
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