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Simon McCormack
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Mayor Martin Chavez hears some exciting news. What’s happening with UNM tuition? Who made sure a reckless driver stopped wreaking havoc on the road? And what should movie patrons at Century Rio 24 be wary of?

1) Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez found out he could …

a. Take more vacation time

b. Wear wacky ties to work

c. Run for a third term

d. Hire a monkey butler to help with filing

2) Tuition at UNM is …

a. Going up by 4.85 percent

b. Going up by 6.9 percent

c. Staying the same

d. Increasing by 6.9 percent with the promise of an iPod Shuffle for all new students

3) Who kept a man suspected of driving while intoxicated from harming fellow travelers?

a. A group of semi-truck drivers

b. A clown driving a bus

c. A dog

d. A carful of children

4. Century Rio 24patrons should watch out for …

a. Especially bad spring movie releases

b. Enticing specials on large sodas and enormous buckets of popcorn

c. An increase in ticket prices

d. Car thieves

Answer Me This


1) C. State Judge Linda Vanzi ruled that the City Charter provision—which prevents the mayor from running again after two consecutive terms—is unconstitutional. Vanzi said in her decision that the provision conflicts with New Mexico’s State Constitution. Chavez has not said whether he plans to run for a
third-consecutive term.

2). A.The
4.85 percent increase is less than the 6.9 percent tuition hike that was proposed. Full-time UNM students with residence in New Mexico will have to fork over $4,834 next year. That’s about $263 more than students had to pay the year before.

3). A. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department says the
truck drivers boxed in a vehicle that was driving recklessly. After the car hit one of the semis, it came to a stop near a guardrail, according to the department. An investigation is underway to determine whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4). D. Police have warned drivers parking along the
I-25 and Jefferson corridor to be mindful of an increase in thievery. Burglars seem especially fond of cars in the enormous lot outside Century Rio 24, say police, who will patrol the area and talk to business owners about the problem.
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