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Simon McCormack
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Which New Mexico mountains are hot!-hot!-hot!? How much was raised during the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer trek? Who does Mayor Marty want to keep out of Albuquerque? And a not-so-tasty treat for elementary school children.

1) Which mountain range fell victim to forest fire?

a. Sandias

b. Manzanos

c. Jemez

d. Sangre de Cristo

2) 19,000 people helped raise ______ to combat breast cancer?

a. $52,000

b. $159,000

c. $463,000

d. $540,000

3) Who does Mayor Martin Chavez want to discourage from moving into the Duke City?

a. Manslaughter parolees

b. The criminally mentally ill

c. Convicted sex offenders

d. Men who could potentially turn the city into "a total sausage fest"

4) Kids at an Albuquerque elementary school were served …

a. Moldy sandwiches

b. Extra-sloppy Joes

c. Frito pie with maggots

d. Mad cow burgers

Answer Me This


1). B. Fire crews have the blaze in the
Manzanos[xurl ] contained, but nearly 5,000 acres have already gone up in flames. The fire has consumed nine homes, and investigators say it was probably human-caused.

2). D. People who took part in the
five-mile walk raised $540,000. It started and ended at Cottonwood Mall on Sunday, April 28. The ninth annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event raised more money than any of its predecessors. The funds will go toward breast cancer research, support services and education.

3). C. Chavez and Rio Rancho Mayor Tom Swisstack say they don’t want convicted sex offenders from other New Mexico counties
moving into their cities. Both officials’ sentiments came in reaction to the plea deal signed by Clifford Gutierrez, 34, who was convicted of criminal sexual contact with a minor under 13. In accordance with the deal, Gutierrez agreed to move out of Mora County and into either Sandoval or Bernalillo County.

4). A. The kids at Navajo Elementary School were served bologna and turkey sandwiches
covered in green mold. The meals from the APS central kitchen came from boxes with 2007 expiration dates. Teachers, who noticed the poor state of the sandwiches before students could eat them, bought pizza for the children instead.
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