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Simon McCormack
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Cops say they busted up what kind of illegal business? What are APS officials investigating? Bad Rail Runner news. And who met in Albuquerque to discuss climate change?

1) Three people were taken into custody in connection with a:

a. Fur coat company that specialized in wares made from endangered species

b. Drug smuggling gang

c. Chop shop with deep connections to the mafia

d. Prostitution ring

2) APS is investigating:

a. Spoiled meat that turned up in a high school cafeteria

b. A high stakes poker tournament run by students

c. Whether APS employees did enough to prevent a student’s suicide

d. Injuries on school campuses

3) Why did a Rail Runner train make an unscheduled stop?

a. Severe mechanical malfunctions

b. A man was killed on the tracks.

c. Nails caused irreparable damage to the train’s undercarriage.

d. Passengers in one of the cars were fighting.

4) Who met in the Duke City to gab about climate change?

a. City officials from across the country

b. Various Albuquerque political office-holders

c. 5,000 self-proclaimed hippies

d. The state’s electric companies

Answer Me This


1) D. Bobbie McMullin, 47, Darlene Romero, 18, and Gary Hoppe, 55, were all
arrested after a raid on a North Valley business that, police say, was the hub of a prostitution ring. Police are accusing McMullin of running the Private Ice escort agency. Police say Romero ran Passions escort service, and Hoppe ran the Cheap Dates agency. McMullin faces various prostitution-related charges, including promoting prostitution and accepting the earnings of a prostitute.

2) C. APS is conducting an investigation into whether some of its employees could have done more to prevent a student’s suicide.
Highland principal Nikki Dennis and two of the school’s councilors are on paid administrative leave while the investigation takes place.

3) B. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department says
a man was run over and killed by a Rail Runner on Wednesday, May 14. The department says the man did not get out of the train’s way, even when the conductor blew his whistle. The collision happened on the north end of Albuquerque, and the man’s identity is not yet known.

4) A.
City officials and environmental experts from all over the United States met in Albuquerque to talk about what can be done to curb climate change. ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability organized the summit, where topics such as green-collar jobs and reducing greenhouse gases were discussed. Officials from the organization say Albuquerque was chosen because of strides the city has made to be more environmentally responsible.
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