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Who paid the state a visit? How much is your PNM bill going to rise? Which local TV personality got fired all of a sudden? Why is a Clovis yearbook under scrutiny?

1) Who visited New Mexico?

a. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

b. Sen. Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill and their daughter Chelsea

c. Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John McCain and President Bush

d. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean

2) PNM is raising its summer rates by how much?

a. 15.4 percent

b. 7.3 percent

c. 21.2 percent

d. 14.5 percent

3) Who got fired from Channel 4 Eyewitness news?

a. Tom Joles

b. Jeremy Jojola

c. Larry Barker

d. Chief Meteorologist Larry Rice

4) A Clovis High School yearbook is being criticized for:

a. Using altered photos of teachers that included horns and tails

b. Anglicizing the last names of all the students

c. Including photos of gay and lesbian couples

d. Only running photos of wealthy kids in the "Snapshots" section

Answer Me This


1) C.
Sens. Obama and McCain both spent Memorial Day in the Land of Enchantment, and President Bush touched down in Albuquerque on Tuesday, May 27. Obama joined Gov. Bill Richardson in Las Cruces where he spoke with a group of veterans and their families. McCain visited Albuquerque’s Veterans Memorial and took part in a tribute to New Mexico’s soldiers lost in combat. Bush was in Los Ranchos to help raise funds for Republican congressional candidate Darren White.

2) A. PNM customers can expect their electric bills to be [url=[/url]15.4 percent higher during the summer. The rate change, which will go into effect June 2, is the second price hike PNM has been granted in the month of May. The state Public Regulation Commission OK’d the increase.

3) D. Larry Rice was
fired via telephone, he says, and won’t be allowed back into the station to say goodbye to his friends. His personal items will be mailed to him. Rice was with the station since 1995.

4) C. The yearbook included
photos of two lesbian couples and has come under the fire of religious groups. Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm promises the district will look more closely at next year’s yearbook and will develop a policy on student publications.

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