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Simon McCormack
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Who’s leaving Albuquerque? What are police cracking down on now? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … . And who had a physical altercation with an APD officer?

1) What sports fixture is leaving town?

a. The Isotopes baseball team

b. The Thunderbirds NBA Developmental League team

c. The Downs racetrack

d. Both a and b

2) Cops are making special efforts to curb which activity?

a. Shoplifting

b. Loitering

c. Panhandling

d. Cruising

3) What object was seen floating through the New Mexico Sky?

a. A UFO

b. A weather balloon

c. A rare species of bird

d. A NASA rocket

4) Who did a police officer get in a scuffle with while cameras were rolling?

a. A news cameraman

b. An elected official

c. Orbit, the Isotopes mascot

d. A man streaking on Central

Answer Me This


1) C. The New Mexico Racing Commission gave the Downs of Albuquerque the OK to
move to Moriarty, N.M. The Downs’ owners want to build a $65 million racetrack and casino, which could be up and running by late next year.

2) D. Police are again trying to put the brakes on cars cruising on Central. Cops made Central a
one-lane street in the Downtown area on Sunday, June 1, shutting off all eastbound traffic. They also handed out noise violations, and citations for barricade breaking and failure to wear seatbelts. Police say cruisers slow traffic and block intersections. The crackdown will last through the summer.

3) B. The bright, floating object in the New Mexico sky last weekend turned out to be a
weather balloon. The National Weather Service released the high altitude research balloon from Fort Sumner. Residents from Española to Elephant Butte caught a glimpse of the air-filled eye-catcher.

4) A. A KOB Channel 4 news cameraman was
attacked and handcuffed by an APD officer in an incident that was caught on tape. The photographer was covering a story on Copper and Rhode Island NE when two officers told him he had to move. One of the officers hit the photographer and placed him under arrest. The incident is being investigated by an independent review officer.
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