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Simon McCormack
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What’s giving people salmonella? Northern New Mexico gets a summer surprise. A local sports hero in a tight spot. And where is New Mexico State University’s president headed?

1) Which delicious produce item is giving New Mexicans salmonella?

a. Apples

b. Green chile

c. Red chile

d. Tomatoes

2) What unexpected happening took place in Northern New Mexico?

a. Snow fell in early June.

b. A tornado touched down and destroyed dozens of houses.

c. Temperatures climbed to more than 100 degrees.

d. Massive flooding ruined crops and damaged property.

3) Which famous sports star was thrown in jail after testing positive for drugs?

a. A former UNM basketball star

b. A hall-of-fame baseball player

c. A race car driver

d. A boxer

4) Where’s NMSU’s president headed?

a. To Albuquerque for a position in the Mayor’s Office

b. To Louisiana State University

c. To Cornell University

d. To Washington, D.C., to work as a lobbyist for education

Answer Me This


1) D. The state government has asked New Mexico restaurants, grocery stores, schools and hospitals to stop distributing raw tomatoes because they might carry salmonella. Specifically, red plum, Roma and round red tomatoes are being blamed for the four dozen cases that have cropped up in close to a third of the state’s 33 counties. Several people have been hospitalized, but no one has died from eating infected tomatoes.

2) A. Parts of Northern New Mexico were treated to a
summer snowstorm on Thursday, June 5. A cold front caused temperatures to dip between 10 and 15 degrees.

3) C. Race car driver Bobby Unser Jr. was
taken to jail after he tested positive for drugs. Unser has charges pending that he owes $80,000 in child support, and he was in a community custody program before the test results put him in jail.

4) B. NMSU President Michael Martin is leaving Las Cruces to be the chancellor at
Louisiana State University. Martin had been president at NMSU since 2004.
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