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Simon McCormack
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Cruising for trouble. What’s APS up to? Los Alamos gets a new toy. And what exotic animal found its way to Santa Fe?

1) Police say two Albuquerque cruise company operators ripped off their customers by …

a. Telling them they were paying for a cruise and then giving them nothing

b. Assuring them the fun on the cruise would never stop when, in fact, it came to a halt several times

c. Using their credit card numbers to make fraudulent purchases

d. Using a boat for the cruises that wasn’t equipped for travel on the high seas

e. Both a and c

2) What change can Albuquerque Public School students expect when they return to class in the fall?

a. Fun-jumps in physical education classes at some elementary schools

b. Higher-priced school meals

c. Textbooks with more pictures

d. A brief recess period for middle school students

3) Los Alamos has the world’s …

a. Most powerful nuclear reactor

b. Highest per-capita income of any small city

c. Fastest supercomputer

d. Deadliest man-made virus

4) What animal was found in Santa Fe?

a. A giant tortoise

b. A new species of rattlesnake

c. A lemur

d. A banana slug

Answer Me This


1) E. Two cruise company operators were
arrested and charged with using customers’ credit cards to make illegal purchases and selling them cruises that never took place. The two owned an Albuquerque branch of the national cruise company Cruise Planners LLC. Police say William Ewing, 49, and Charles Kantrowitz, 52, bilked customers out of about $90,000 in total. According to police, some victims found their credit cards loaded with purchases they didn’t make, and others showed up at the port only to find no ship waiting to take them on their cruise.

2) B. Beginning in the fall, APS students will have to pay
a little more for school breakfasts and lunches. Breakfast at all schools will cost $1.15—up 15 cents from last year. Lunches at elementary schools will cost $1.75 and $2 at middle and high schools. That’s up from $1.60 and $1.75, respectively. APS officials say the increases will help cover rising food costs.

3) C. Los Alamos National Laboratory has the world’s
fastest supercomputer. The Roadrunner, as it’s called, is capable of completing a quadrillion mathematical operations a second.

4) A. A Santa Fe family found a
30-plus pound tortoise milling around in the backyard. The family says the animal was probably a neighbor’s pet. It’s an African spurred tortoise, which can live up to 80 years.
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