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Simon McCormack
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What big business is heading to Rio Rancho? The governor has something special for the Legislature. The City Council wants to see if building a ______ is a good idea. And cops say they’ve found the people who …

1) Which company announced plans to open up shop in Rio Rancho?

a. AT&T

b. Monsanto

c. Hewlett-Packard

d. Kellogg’s

2) Gov. Bill Richardson says he will call a Special Session to pass what kind of legislation?

a. Health care reform

b. An economic stimulus package

c. Tougher DWI laws

d. A bill that would address what to do with underperforming Albuquerque Public Schools

3) The City Council voted to investigate building a(n) ________

a. New park in Old Town

b. Arena and event center Downtown

c. Parking structure near UNM

d. New shopping center in the North Valley

4) Police cited two men who they believe …

a. Were trafficking large amounts of drugs from Mexico

b. Were running a prostitution ring

c. Look stupid

d. Started fires in the Bosque

Answer Me This


1) C. Hewlett-Packard announced
plans to build a technical support center in Rio Rancho by mid-2009. When it first opens, the center will employ a few hundred people, but by 2012, about 1,300 employees will work there. The state enticed Hewlett-Packard to come to New Mexico with the promise of tax breaks and other incentives.

2) A. Gov. Richardson says he will call a
special legislative session to discuss passing a health care plan in August or September. Richardson’s health care proposal—which he says would provide health insurance for the 400,000 New Mexicans without it—couldn’t get past the Senate during the regular session earlier this year.

3) B. The City Council voted 7-2 in favor of looking into whether
building an arena Downtown makes sense. The study will cost the city about $700,000. If the Council and the mayor decide to push forward with plans to build the arena, it would probably cost between $350 to $400 million. The arena could be used to lure a Women’s National Basketball Association team or an Arena Football League team to Albuquerque.

4) D.
Police cited two men who they say are responsible for causing two of the three fires that started in the Bosque on Wednesday, June 18. The fires have since been extinguished, and neither man is facing felony charges. Investigators say they don’t know whether the men sparked the fires on purpose.
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