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Simon McCormack
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A New Mexico man wanted to change his name to what? The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico loses a court case. What animal killed a Pinos Altos man? And which team is giving a Lobo men’s player a shot on basketball’s biggest stage?

1) What did a man hope to change his name to before the courts stopped him?

a. Inspector Fart

b. George W. Bush

c. Metallica Rocks!

d. Fuck Censorship

2) What Albuquerque law did the ACLU challenge in court?

a. The law that allows police to seize the vehicles of people arrested for DWI

b. The law that allows the city’s mayor to run for more than two consecutive terms

c. The law that makes contributing to the delinquency of a minor a third-degree felony

d. The law that legalizes growing marijuana for medicinal purposes

3) Medical investigators say a _______ killed a 55-year-old man.

a. Rattlesnake

b. Black bear

c. Mountain lion

d. Centipede

4) Which National Basketball Association team drafted Lobo standout J.R. Giddens?

a. Los Angeles Lakers

b. Boston Celtics

c. San Antonio Spurs

d. Orlando Magic

Answer Me This


1) D. A New Mexico court of appeals
ruled against a Los Alamos man who wanted to have his name legally changed to Fuck Censorship. The court ruled the name is obscene and doesn’t conform to standards of common decency.

2) A. The state Supreme Court says the ACLU is not an appropriate party to
challenge the Albuquerque law that allows police to seize the vehicles of people arrested for DWI. In its decision, the court says only people who feel they’ve been unjustly injured by the law can challenge it. The ACLU argues the law is unconstitutional, because it allows the seizure of someone’s vehicle who has not been convicted of a crime—just arrested for one.

3) C. Medical investigators say a
mountain lion killed a Pinos Altos man. The victim’s relatives say he liked to bathe and shave near a rock ledge close to his home. That’s where investigators believe he was attacked last week.

4) B. With the 30
th pick in this year’s NBA draft, the Boston Celtics selected Lobo star J.R. Giddens. The Celtics had the last pick in the first round of the draft. Only those selected in the opening round are guaranteed a contract. Giddens will be a millionaire when he signs his two-year deal.
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