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Who are Tom Udall and Steve Pearce’s top contributors? A new form of public transportation could make sense for Albuquerque. What’s in the trunk? And a former top official at New Mexico State University is accused of …

U.S. Senate candidates Tom Udall and Steve Pearce are getting the most money from …

a. Union workers and health care providers, respectively

b. Lawyers and the oil and gas industry, respectively

c. Alternative energy lobbyists and hedge fund managers, respectively

d. Both a and b

2) A consulting group says a ______ transportation system would make a nice addition to the city.

a. Subway

b. Monorail

c. Streetcar

d. Trolley

3) Police found a(n) ______ in the trunk of a car.

a. Inflatable love doll

b. Illegal immigrant smuggling drugs

c. Starving dog

d. Dead body

4) A former top official at NMSU is accused of …

a. Blackmail

b. Tax fraud

c. Murder

d. Incest

Answer Me This


1) B.
Tom Udall’s top campaign contributors are lawyers, and Steve Pearce’s biggest donors are from the oil and gas industry. That all makes sense considering Udall is a lawyer and Pearce used to work in oil and gas. As of May 14, Udall raised about $3.2 million for his campaign, while Pearce raised close to $1.9 million.

2) C. Representatives from the Leland Consulting Group told a City Hall task force that building a
streetcar system in Albuquerque could be a good idea. The representatives suggest starting with a streetcar line that runs from Downtown to San Mateo on Central. The group estimates the cars would draw about 5,000 passengers a day. The cost of building the line from Downtown to San Mateo would be about $106 million.

3) D. Police found a
dead body in the trunk of a car parked near Osuna and Wyoming. The person’s identity and the cause of death have not been determined. The person appeared to have been dead for several days, according to APD.

4) A. An NMSU faculty member says former President Michael Martin tried to
blackmail him. Professor Robert Buckingham says Martin threatened to release a file that would damage Buckingham’s reputation if he didn’t look into plagiarism charges against two former colleagues. Martin, who is leaving NMSU to become chancellor at Louisiana State University, denies the allegations.
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