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Simon McCormack
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How does the governor say we should deal with high gas prices? What Albuquerque phenomenon is migrating to Santa Fe? An unwelcome surprise at a garage sale for a good cause. And a Rio Rancho resident cashes in on what game show?

1) Gov. Bill Richardson says a _____ is in order to help taxpayers cope with high gas prices.

a. Tax holiday

b. Tax cut

c. Tax rebate

d. Both a and c

2) Santa Fe could soon have …

a. The Isotopes

b. The Atomic Museum

c. Red-light cameras

d. The filming of
Terminator 4

3) What did the people holding a garage sale for a child with cancer get stuck with?

a. A bunch of heartless hagglers

b. A fake $100 bill

c. A moving violation

d. Citations for littering

4) On what show did a Rio Rancho librarian win more than $20,000?

a. "Jeopardy"

b. "Wheel of Fortune"

c. "The Price is Right"

d. "Deal or No Deal"

Answer Me This


1) D. Gov. Richardson is proposing a
tax rebate and tax holiday to help New Mexicans with high gas prices. The 10-day gross receipts tax holiday would stretch from Friday, Nov. 28 (the day after Thanksgiving), to Sunday, Dec. 7. The amount of the rebates would depend on income but could be as much as $150, plus $40 per dependent. Richardson will introduce his plan at the Special Session, scheduled to begin Aug. 15. The tax relief would be paid for with about half of the $400 million surplus the state is projected to have this year.

2) C. Santa Fe might install
red-light cameras at some of the city’s busiest intersections. The Santa Fe City Council is expected to vote on the cameras in August at the earliest.

3) B. Someone used a
fake $100 bill to pay for items at a garage sale to benefit a 12-year-old girl with cancer. The fundraiser still netted more than $1,000, and the Albuquerque Police Department handed the case over to the U.S. Secret Service to investigate.

4) A. Rio Rancho librarian Daria Labinsky won $22,100 on an episode of
"Jeopardy" that aired last week. Labinsky did not answer the final question correctly, but neither did her competitors. Because she wagered only $300, she was the victor.
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