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Marisa Demarco
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What did a Denver court decide about protesters in Albuquerque? What was found under the Atrisco land grant? How many voters in one N.M. county refuse party affiliation? What’s going on at Bennigan’s?

1) A court of appeals in Denver ruled:

a. They can protest on the sidewalk but not on driveways, too.

b. They can sue the police.

c. They can’t carry profane signs with curse words on them.

d. They can’t use pictures of the president.

2) Atrisco Oil and Gas found what under its land on the West Mesa?

a. Dinosaur bones

b. Oil

c. Pirate booty

d. An aquifer

3) What percentage of new voters in Doña Ana Country are registering independent?

a. A third

b. An eighth

c. A quarter

d. About half

4) What did employees of Albuquerque’s two Bennigan’s find when they showed up for work?

a. TV cameras from the Food Network

b. Locked doors

c. Pay increases for all 10-year employees

d. Bears craving turkey-pretzel sandwiches

Answer Me This


1) B. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday, July 29, that the Albuquerque Police Department is
not immune to lawsuits filed after a rally in March 2003. More than a dozen protesters sued APD and Mayor Martin Chavez, saying their First Amendment rights had been violated.

2) D. Tecton Energy was drilling for oil on the West Mesa when it lit upon a large
well of nonpotable water. Atrisco Oil and Gas, formed by SunCal, estimates it will be able to draw 12,000 acre feet of water per year.

3) A. In Doña Ana County that number is 18 percent and rising. About
33 percent of the people in that county who registered to vote this year refused party affiliation. Total, about 18 percent of the people in that county are registered as independents.

4) B. Workers found locked doors and no info when they showed up for work on Tuesday, July 29. The parent company of Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale
filed bankruptcy, closing about 200 restaurants immediately.
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