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What percentage of New Mexico schools hit the mark this year? Police are looking for the _____ bandits. Who did Gov. Bill Richardson say he will lend a hand to? And which company’s CEO is stepping down?

1) What percentage of New Mexico public schools met No Child Left Behind’s standards?

a. 60 percent

b. 30 percent

c. 10 percent

d. 87 percent

2) APD officers are trying to track down the _____ bandits.

a. Gumball

b. Handsome

C. Slippery

D. Kamikaze

3) Gov. Bill Richardson says he will hold two fundraisers for …

a. Rep. Tom Udall

b. City Councilor Martin Heinrich

c. Sen. Hillary Clinton

d. Sen. Barack Obama

4) The CEO of which company is stepping down?

a. Smith’s Food and Drug

b. Dion’s Pizza

c. Hasting’s Books and Music

d. Eclipse Aviation

Answer Me This


1) B. About
30 percent of public schools in New Mexico met the standards—called Annual Yearly Progress (AYP)—of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The percentage comes from last year’s math and reading tests taken by students in grades three to nine. Every year, the percentage of students required to score as proficient in math and reading increases until 2014, when all students must hit the mark in order for the school to achieve AYP. The numbers released in 2007 showed 46 percent of New Mexico public schools met the standard.

2) A. Police are looking for the
gumball bandits who have made off with several gumball machines in broad daylight. The thieves have been caught on surveillance video loading the machines into their car and then driving away.

3) C. Gov. Richardson will hold two fundraisers for
Sen. Hillary Clinton. The events, which will be attended by both politicians, will help pay off the debt Clinton amassed during her presidential campaign. The invite-only fundraisers will take place Sunday, Aug. 17, in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

4) D.
Eclipse Aviation founder and CEO Vern Raburn announced at the end of July that he would step down from his position. The chairman of the company’s board, Roel Pieper, will take over as CEO. Raburn will become vice chairman of Eclipse’s European Technology and Investment Research Center Aviation.
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