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Cops say they busted a _____ ring at a Downtown club. How much would it cost to ride the Rail Runner from Downtown Albuquerque to Santa Fe? What did a Santa Fe police officer get in trouble for? What’s been allowed back into Navajo reservations?

1) Police raided a Downtown club and say they found a(n) _____ ring

a. Illegal gun

b. Methamphetamine

c. Ecstasy

d. B and C

2) Traveling from Downtown Albuquerque to the state capital on the Rail Runner would cost…

a. $3

b. $6

c. $10

d. $15

3) What could a Santa Fe police officer be disciplined for?

a. Refusing to take off her badge when she was off duty

b. Pulling over cars owned by minorities

c. Taking lengthy breaks during her shifts

d. Refusing to take off a gay pride necklace

4) What did Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. veto?

a. The smoking ban

b. The law against using a cell phone while driving

c. The cockfighting ban

d. The use of red-light cameras

Answer Me This


1) C. Albuquerque Police Department officers say they busted an ecstacy ring when they raided Club 7 on Friday, Aug. 8. When authorities searched the club’s patrons, officers say they found at least 80 ecstasy pills as well as heroin and marijuana. The raid came as a result of a multimonth investigation. The owners of Club 7 say they thoroughly check everyone who comes in for drugs. No arrests were made in the raid, but police say they will probably happen after the investigation is finished.

2) B. A proposed list of fares released by the Mid-Region Council of Governments says a one-way trip from Downtown to Santa Fe would cost $6. A roundtrip ticket would be $8 under the proposal. Commuters could also purchase a monthly pass for $100. The ride would take about an hour and 20 minutes each way. The rail service to and from Santa Fe is expected to be available by the end of the year.

3) D. A Santa Fe police officer could face disciplinary action after she refused to take off a necklace from the city’s Gay Pride Parade. Video taken by a police car camera shows the officer’s superior ordering her to take off the necklace. The officer will go to a disciplinary hearing where she could be punished for insubordination.

4) A. The leader of the Navajo Nation canceled out a ban on smoking in public spaces, saying the law could be a problem during some religious ceremonies and might interfere with casino profits. The law is "unreasonably broad," he wrote, and doesn’t do enough to combat the real problem of underage smoking.
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