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Marisa Demarco
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Why are state senators furious at the guv? Why did Rio Rancho opt for a two-hour delay in the middle of August? New Mexico finds itself in NASA’s sights. What are New Mexico students getting better at?

1) What’s behind some state senators’ scathing criticism of Bill Richardson?

a. They don’t like attending the Special Session.

b. They say he serves only his larger political ambitions.

c. They see flaws in his bill to insure uninsured children in New Mexico.

d. All of the above

2) Why didn’t Rio Rancho students get to school on time Monday?

a. A freak snow iced over all the roads.

b. Someone slashed the tires of school buses.

c. A team of pranksters pulled the fire alarms at every school in the city.

d. Rio Rancho teachers went on strike.

3) What does NASA want to use New Mexico for?

a. As a Mars stand-in

b. As a launch site for satellites

c. As a place to build solar-powered rockets

d. As a test target for space weapons

4) New Mexico students are improving their …

a. Ability to chug energy drinks

b. Health

c. ACT scores

d. Texting skills

Answer Me This


1) D. Senators are seeing red because Richardson called them back for a
Special Session they say will accomplish little. Republican Sen. Kent Cravens says the measure to offer health care coverage to children is problematic, and that it’s really about "self-glorification" and creating a talking point for Richardson when he delivers his speech in Denver at the Democratic National Convention.

2) B. Vandals slashed the tires of
14 buses over the weekend, causing the Rio Rancho school district to institute a two-hour delay Monday. Parents were notified by phone.

3) A. Scientists say White Sands National Monument, which is south of Alamogordo, looks an awful lot like a particular topography on
Mars. NASA may begin using White Sands as a place to test equipment destined for the Red Planet.

4) C.
ACT scores across the state increased—even though they’re on the decline nationwide. Last year, New Mexico students scored an average of 20.2. That went up one-tenth of a point to 20.3 in 2008. Nationwide, the 2008 score was 21.1, lower than last year’s 21.2.
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