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Simon McCormack
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What does Big Bill think about Sen. Barack Obama’s VP choice? APD is trying some new tricks to make Downtown safer. An Albuquerque author links nuclear weapons to … ? And which TV show will be filmed at a New Mexico university?

1) What did Gov. Bill Richardson say about Obama’s choice for vice president, Sen. Joe Biden?

a. Biden is a good pick, who will help Obama appeal to voters in Middle America.

b. Biden is more experienced than Obama.

c. Richardson is disappointed he wasn’t selected.

d. Both a and c

2) What technique is the Albuquerque Police Department employing to combat crime Downtown on weekend nights?

a. Deploying more mounted police on horses

b. Fanning out officers instead of keeping them in large bunches

c. Using S.W.A.T. team officers with regularity

d. Asking club owners to step up their security efforts

3) Author Robert Hastings says there’s a connection between nuclear weapons and …

a. The destruction of the Earth’s rain forests

b. Airborne pathogens

c. UFOs

d. An increase in terrorist attacks

4) Which TV show will be taped at New Mexico Tech?

a. "Man vs. Cartoon"

b. "Iron Chef"

c. "Wheel of Fortune"

d. "Jeopardy"

Answer Me This


1) D.
Gov. Bill Richardson says Biden is a wise selection because he will help win more votes in Middle America. He also admits he’s disappointed he wasn’t picked for the job. Richardson made sure to praise Biden’s extensive foreign policy knowledge as well.

2) B. Police are
spreading out on Central between First and Ninth Streets. APD spokesperson John Walsh says the technique is lowering crime in the area. Police are also patrolling in groups of two along Downtown side streets.

3) C. For three decades, Hastings has made the case that aliens have been visiting Earth in an effort to warn us about the dangers of
nuclear weapons. Hastings says otherworldly visitors are also keeping tabs on our nuclear weapons operations. Last month, Hastings was a guest on CNN’s "Larry King Live."

4) A. "Man vs. Cartoon" will be filmed on the campus of
New Mexico Tech. The show, which will air on truTV in January, challenges contestants to re-create the contraptions used by Wile E. Coyote. The devices—which include the coyote’s infamous jet-power roller skates—always malfunctioned, but the tech whizes on the show hope to have more success than the hapless cartoon icon.
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