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Simon McCormack
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Which politician held a rally in New Mexico? The Isotopes’ new parent club is … ? Election faux pas. And why are cops using Craigslist?

1) Who campaigned in Española?

a. Sen. John McCain

b. Gov. Sarah Palin

c. Sen. Barack Obama

d. Sen. Joe Biden

2) Who will cultivate prospects from the Albuquerque Isotopes?

a. The Arizona Diamondbacks

b. The Los Angeles Dodgers

c. The Colorado Rockies

d. The Houston Astros

3) The Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office received 1,100 …

a. Complaints about potential voter fraud

b. New voting machines

c. Paper ballots for the election in November

d. Possibly fake voter registration cards

4) Albuquerque police are using Craigslist to bust which crime?

a. Prostitution

b. Drug trafficking

c. Child pornography

d. The sale of stolen vehicles

Answer Me This


1) C. Española’s population got a boost when Obama visited the Northern New Mexico town Thursday, Sept. 18. About 9,500 people attended the rally. Obama and his rival McCain have made frequent trips to New Mexico, vying for the state’s five closely contested electoral votes.

2) B. The Isotopes are the new Triple-A affiliate for the
Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers were the major league affiliate of the Albuquerque Dukes from 1972-2000, before the Dukes skipped town for Portland, Ore. The ’Topes were the Florida Marlins’ farm team for the last six years.

3) D. Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver says her office received 1,100
voter registration cards that might be fake. According to Oliver, the cards list Social Security numbers of people who are already registered, or have other suspicious information. The County Clerk’s Office notified state and federal authorities about the fishy documents. Turning in a phony registration card is a felony.

4) A. Police arrested two women on
prostitution charges in connection with ads they say the women placed on Craigslist. Officers set up appointments with the two women, according to APD, then arrested them after they offered sexual services.
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