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Simon McCormack
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Central New Mexico gets hit with … ? What did someone call the Drunk Busters Hotline to report? How much does gas cost in Burque? Spaceport firm Virgin Galactic turns down a big offer.

1) Parts of Central New Mexico had to contend with …

a. Power outages

b. Flash floods

c. Forest fires

d. Both a and b

2) Why did someone call the Drunk Busters Hotline?

a. To report child abuse in a passing car

c. To report cows on the road

c. To report a dead body on the highway

d. To report themselves for drunk driving

3) Gas prices in Albuquerque dipped how low?

a. Below $2.50

b. Below $3

c. $3.10

d. $3.25

4) Virgin Galactic declined an offer to …

a. Send Mayor Martin Chavez into space

b. Shoot piles of trash into the nether reaches of the universe

c. Let one ordinary New Mexican do a spacewalk

d. Shoot a sex film in space

Answer Me This


1) A. Residents from Moriarty to Sandia Park had
no power for 25 hours. Fierce winds knocked the lights out around 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11. The storm damaged five power poles that Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative had to replace before service could be restored.

2) B. One caller phoned the Drunk Busters Hotline in New Mexico to
report cows on the road. Authorities say this kind of hotline misuse clogs the phones and keeps operators from receiving calls about drunk drivers.

3) B. More than a dozen gas stations in Albuquerque are selling gas for
less than $3 a gallon. The city’s average of $3.23 a gallon is the lowest it’s been since April 4. Prices have continued to decline since the record high of $3.99 set in mid-July.

4) D. Virgin Galactic, the firm that plans to send tourists into space from Spaceport America in Las Cruces, turned down an offer to shoot a
sex film in space. An undisclosed company was willing to fork over $1 million if Virgin Galactic shot the film while actors floated in zero gravity.
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