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Simon McCormack
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How did Manny Aragon plead? What’s next for Club 7? Where does New Mexico land on the list of "working poor" states? Thefts of which type of car are on the rise in Albuquerque?

1) How did former state Sen. Manny Aragon plead in the Metro Courthouse case?

a. Guilty

b. Not guilty

c. No contest

d. None of the above. The case was dismissed.

2) Club 7 could …

a. Change owners

b. Reopen

c. Be condemned

d. Turn into an all-ages art space

3) How did New Mexico rank on the list of "working poor" states?

a. 34

b. 40

c. 48

d. 50 th

4) Which cars are disappearing with more frequency?

a. Hondas

b. Toyotas

c. Jeeps

d. Fords

Answer Me This


1) A. Aragon pleaded
guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud. The former state senator could face up to 67 months in prison. No sentencing date has been set. Court documents claim Aragon collected about $623,000 in the construction scheme.

2) B. Club 7 could
open its doors again once it’s brought up to code. There was a deal in the works to sell the Downtown hot spot, but it fell through after this fall’s economic downturn. Now the owner and his attorney say the nightclub might reopen once all the violations cited by the fire marshal are corrected. The city says if it does go back into business, the venue can’t host all-ages events. Club 7 was shut down by the city in August after officers say they found illegal drugs during a raid.

3) D. According to a study released by the Working Poor Families Project, New Mexico has the
highest percentage of low-income working families in the country. The study says 41 percent of the state’s families meet its definition (a family of four earning $41,228 or less).

4) C.
Jeep Wranglers are being stolen at a rate of about one every other day. Of the Jeeps that have been stolen this month, only one has been found, according to police. In some instances, the Jeeps are being stolen from people’s driveways.
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