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Marisa Demarco
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How’s the breast milk in our state? What did some Las Cruces men want removed from city logos? Who made violent racist comments? What unusual headline did a state newspaper display?

1) One researcher says New Mexico’s breast milk …

a. Is top-shelf

b. Lacks nutrients

c. Tastes faintly of green chile

d. Causes early onset diabetes

2) Two men in Las Cruces just dropped a case to have what removed from city and public school logos?

a. The zia

b. Droplets of blood

c. Crosses

d. An ancient, phallus-like symbol relating to crop growth

3) Who threatened to burn then pee on the ashes of an African-American in Albuquerque?

a. A third-grader

b. A member of the region’s KKK chapter

c. A man angry about standing in line at the bank

d. A public official who’s been asked to step down

4) The New Mexico Sun News defied convention and went with what headline?

a. "No News Today"

b. "Please Donate Money, the Economy Hit Us Hard"

c. "Ghost Scares Woman to Death" in honor of Halloween.

d. "Obama Wins!" a week before the election.

Answer Me This


1) B. A study of 29 breast-feeding infants found they
weren’t getting enough DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in seafood. The New Mexico babies take in about a quarter of what’s recommended. Pregnant and nursing moms can make up the difference by eating salmon and tuna or fish oil supplements.

2) C. The litigious residents won’t take their case to the U.S. Supreme Court to remove
crosses from the Las Cruces logo. It would be too expensive to pursue, they said, and the court is conservative these days.

3) A. The
third-grader is accused of telling an African-American girl on the bus that he would kill her because of her race. Her parents say the boy should be kicked off the bus. APS is meeting with his parents to consider the matter.

4) D. The small, bimonthly paper based in Santa Fe made international news with its early headline
declaring Sen. Barack Obama the winner of the election in its Oct. 26 edition. Because of the name similarities, the Las Cruces Sun-News wrote an editorial titled "It Wasn’t Us."
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