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APD says it busted a … What kind of building caught fire?

How long is the Club 7 owner’s sentence?

And what was found in Downtown Santa Fe?

1) Police say they broke up a …

a. Drug ring

b. prostitution ring

c. Illegal weapons ring

d. Identity theft ring

2) Arson is suspected in a fire that burned …

a. A famous restaurant

b. An ex-fraternity house

c. A grocery store

d. A celebrity’s house

3) The owner of Club 7 was sentenced to how many days in jail?

a. 280

b. 780

c. 1,080

d. 1,680

4) What was discovered during an excavation in Santa Fe?

a. Remains of the earliest European settlers

b. A Tyrannosaurus Rex skull

c. Signs of radioactive waste seeping into the groundwater

d. Bones from an extinct species of wolf

Answer Me This


1) D. When officers came to a heights apartment to arrest a man on unrelated charges, they say they discovered an
identity theft ring. Now the man and another woman face 10 counts of identity theft. Police say they found a computer with a New Mexico driver’s license template and scanning equipment in the apartment.

2) B. The second fire in a few months at a former
frat house caused no injuries and minor damage. The Telos Campus House, which now houses Christian students at UNM, used to be the Sigma Chi fraternity house. Another fire in August in the Telos Campus House caused minor smoke damage. Less than a month ago, three fires in the UNM area burned in vacant buildings. Investigators say arson is suspected in all of the fires, and that they’re all probably related.

3) C. The owner of Club 7 was sentenced to
1,080 in jail for 12 fire code violations. Judge Rachel Walker Al-Yasi gave the owner the maximum sentence of three months for each count. The misdemeanor charges include overcrowding, insufficient exits, electrical violations. and unsecured tanks of liquid nitrogen.

4) A. An archeological dig between Marian Hall and Cathedral Park revealed remnants of the
earliest European settlers. The excavation uncovered Spanish Colonial pottery and a cobblestone surface. Members of the state Office of Archaeological Studies say the cobblestone might have been a stable yard.
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