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Simon McCormack
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What could The Downs racetrack become? Santa Fe’s minimum wage will increase to what in January? What might pet stores not be allowed to sell? An education board member wants the Legislature to …

1) What could The Downs at Albuquerque be transformed into?

a. A soccer stadium

b. A community garden

c. An amusement park

d. All of the above

2) Santa Fe’s minimum wage could hit _____ by January.

a. About $7.50

b. About $9

c. About $10

d. About $11.50

3) Pet stores in Bernalillo County might not be able to sell …

a. Iguanas

b. Parrots

c. Hedgehogs

d. Cats and dogs

4) One member of the Albuquerque Board of Education plans to ask the Legislature to …

a. Split up APS

b. Give APS twice as much funding

c. Privatize APS

d. Require APS to invest in alternative energy

Answer Me This


1) D. The state Department of Finance and Administration received 19 proposals on what The Downs
should become. The plans include turning the former racino into a soccer stadium, community garden or amusement park. The Department of Finance and Administration, Expo New Mexico staff and the Governor’s Office are reviewing the proposals.

2) C. Under the city ordinance, Santa Fe’s minimum wage is scheduled to go up
5 percent on Jan. 1. Santa Fe’s current minimum wage is $9.50. The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce has asked the city council to delay the increase until the economy gets better. The chamber says it’s concerned an increase could cause unemployment rates to go up if businesses can’t afford to pay their workers the mandatory minimum.

3) D. Bernalillo County commissioners may vote to approve an ordinance that would ban the sale of
dogs and cats in pet stores. Animal rights activists have told the commission that dogs and cats in pet stores are often born in inhumane living conditions. The poor environment can make puppies or kittens afraid of people and more likely to bite or scratch, activists say. The argument against the ordinance is that the lost business from dog and cat sales could make it hard for pet stores to stay open in Bernalillo County.

4) A. Board member Robert Lucero says he plans to ask the Legislature to
split up Albuquerque Public Schools. Lucero says dividing APS would be one way to ensure that schools on the Westside get adequate representation. Lucero says the rest of the board has not paid enough attention to that part of Albuquerque.
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