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Rumor has it the guv will take over which post in Washington? New Mexico may become home to what kind of controversial facility? What are kids getting high on these days? And which New Mexico industry needs help?

1) A Democratic official says Gov. Bill Richardson will be President-elect Obama’s _____

a. Secretary of state

b. Secretary of commerce

c. Chief of staff

d. Head of the Department of the Interior

2) What contentious business is coming to the state?

a. A genetically modified banapple orchard

b. A nuclear reactor factory

c. A solar panel manufacturing plant

d. A fur coat factory

3) What are youths using to get high?

a. Distilled water and cough syrup

b. A mixture of coffee, vodka and Quaaludes

c. Vicks VapoRub

d. Air freshener

4) Which New Mexico industry is asking for assistance from the state government?

a. The auto sales industry

b. The ballooning industry

c. The chile industry

d. The defense industry

Answer Me This


1) B. According to a Democratic official, Richardson will be Obama’s
secretary of commerce. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he or she is not authorized to speak publicly about the appointment. If Richardson takes the job, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish would become New Mexico’s first female governor. Obama is expected to make the official announcement after Thanksgiving. The Governor’s Office had no comment on the matter.

2) B. Lea County is one of two finalists competing to land a
nuclear reactor factory. The facility will be built by a company called Hyperion, which specializes in building portable "tamper proof" reactors. These devices would be used in places where electricity is scarce, such as on military bases in third-world countries or on islands.

3) D. Estancia Police Chief Jimmy Chavez says youths in his town have started huffing
air freshener to get high. Chavez says this activity causes coughing and spitting, and over time, it can kill many brain cells. Chavez says the fad is especially dangerous because parents may not be aware their kids are using air freshener for unintended purposes.

4) C. The New Mexico Chile Association says
chile farmers need help from the state government to combat high labor costs, foreign imports and increased farming operation costs. The association has suggested a plan in which the state provides a $200 tax incentive to farmers for every acre of chile they grow. The plan, if it is passed by the Legislature, would go into effect next summer and end in 2011. It would cost the state an estimated $2 million.
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