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Simon McCormack
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Which prominent New Mexican may have been blackmailed? How are criminals coming up with extra holiday dough? Winrock Mall is set to make a big improvement. What makes our state attractive to identity thieves?

1) Who does the District Attorney’s Office say was blackmailed?

a. A former UNM basketball player

b. A race car driver

c. A news anchor

d. A politician

2) How are some Southern New Mexico criminals increasing their cash flow this holiday season?

a. Holding bake sales for fictitious charities

b. Burglarizing houses with extensive outdoor holiday ornamentation

c. Using thousands of dollars’ worth of counterfeit bills

d. Robbing bell-ringing Santas

3) Winrock Mall is planning to install what new feature?

a. A California-based burger franchise

b. A sports bar with all-LCD jumbo TV screens

c. A clothing store tailored to hipsters

d. An IMAX theater

4) Why did a man charged with identity theft come to New Mexico, according to the district attorney?

a. The state doesn’t require proof of U.S. citizenship to get a driver’s license

b. The state’s identity-theft laws are much less severe than in other parts of the country

c. He’s a sucker for Southwestern art

d. Both a and b

Answer Me This


1) B. According to the District Attorney’s Office,
Al Unser Jr. was blackmailed by a man charged with running a prostitution ring. The DA says the suspected ringleader told Unser he wanted $750,000 in exchange for not releasing a video that shows Unser in a "compromising position."

2) C. Hobbs officers say they’ve seen an increase of
counterfeit bills plunked down in area businesses. Thousands of dollars worth of fake money, mostly of the $20 variety, has been used to buy items during the holiday season, according to police.

3) D. Winrock reached an agreement with Regal Entertainment Group to bring an
IMAX theater to the mall as part of the Winrock Town Center renovation. The new 16-screen cinema house will include one theater featuring the largest screen IMAX makes. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring.

4) A. An Egyptian national who was in America illegally told authorities he traveled to New Mexico because
you don’t need proof of U.S. citizenship to score a driver’s license in the state. He is accused of forgery and identity theft and was arrested by Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies, who say he applied for a job at Talin World Market using someone else’s name. The person whose identity was allegedly stolen subscribes to a service that alerts him whenever someone runs a credit check in his name.
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