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Simon McCormack
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How many calls is the unemployment office getting every day? What do you have to do to get tasered around here? Why was a Guadalupe County sheriff arrested? Problems plague the first few days of Rail Runner service to Santa Fe.

1) How many calls bombard the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions each day?

a. 6

b. 60

c. 600

d. 60,000

2) In order for Albuquerque police to use a Taser on you, what must you be doing?

a. Fleeing the scene of a crime

b. Running from an officer

c. Committing a felony

d. Acting like a total lame-wad

3) What was the sheriff of Guadalupe County arrested for?

a. Marijuana possession

b. Aggravated driving while intoxicated

c. Assault

d. Embezzlement

4) What hampered Rail Runner service?

a. A train hit a cow.

b. Train track signals malfunctioned.

c. People in cars didn’t know where and when to stop at Rail Runner crossings.

d. All of the above

Answer Me This


1) C. Lately, the Department of Workforce Solutions has been slammed with
600 calls a day from people filing claims for unemployment benefits. Callers are often met with busy signals, even though the office has 200 phone lines. The department extended its operating hours and added 15 more staff members. Those hoping to avoid delays should file a claim online by visiting

2) A. In order for cops to use their Tasers, they now have to believe a suspect is fleeing the scene of a crime. The Albuquerque Police Department
tightened its policy last week. Previously, people could be tasered if they were running from officers, even if it wasn’t clear that they were fleeing the scene of a crime. The policy adjustment comes after several incidents in which deploying the device resulted in serious injury. One man suffered a lacerated liver when he was tasered by an officer after fleeing a party.

3) B.
Sheriff Robert Chavez was arrested and charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated. Guadalupe County officials say Chavez was driving sans his seat belt and had open containers in his car.

4) D. Rail Runner trains heading to and from Santa Fe have been
delayed by malfunctioning traffic signals, and one train arrived late after it struck a cow. Drivers are also struggling to understand where and when they should stop at Rail Runner crossings. Some commuters report they’re so discouraged by the snafus that they’ve decided to take their cars instead of the train. Rail Runner officials say they’re working diligently to isolate and fix the problems.
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