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Marisa Demarco
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Gov. Bill Richardson does an about-face. What will APS give students who can’t pay for lunch? How to stop suicides on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. What minor crime is the city busting?

1) Richardson says he bailed on the opportunity to become President-elect Obama’s commerce secretary because:

a. He wants to spend more time with his family.

b. He’s been offered an even better position as president of the National Governors Association.

c. A "pay-to-play" investigation will slow Richardson’s confirmation process.

d. He doesn’t want to leave New Mexico in this time of uncertainty.

2) Albuquerque Public Schools announced that after getting a certain number of meals on credit, students without lunch money will be served:

a. A helping of gruel

b. A cheese sandwich and milk or juice

c. An apple and saltines

d. A slice of that gummy pizza

3) To prevent suicides at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, Taos Fire Chief Jim Fambro has considered:

a. Signs showing what happens to a suicide victim’s body

b. Netting under the bridge

c. A hotline at the bridge

d. All of the above

4) The City of Albuquerque is cracking down on people who:

a. Post illegal signs

b. Jaywalk

c. Litter

d. Don’t use their turn signals

Answer Me This


1) C. The feds are
investigating Richardson because a small California firm was awarded $1.4 million in New Mexico contracts after the company’s owner contributed $100,000 to the governor’s political committees. The federal inquiry might stall Richardson’s Senate confirmation for the commerce secretary post. The governor insists he hasn’t done anything wrong but says the delay is unacceptable given the economy.

2) B. APS instituted a policy where elementary students can charge 10 lunches to the district, middle school students can charge five and high school students can charge two. After that, they will be served
cheese sandwiches and milk or juice. The lunch program is $100,000 in debt because charged lunches often go unpaid, according to APS. Parents can apply for year-round free or reduced-price meals through APS Food and Nutrition Services or school cafeterias.

3) D. The bridge, which is 90 minutes from Santa Fe, has been the site of about three suicides every year since 1999. The Department of Health is searching for ways to
deter jumpers. Fambro says a hotline at the bridge, a net or shocking signs could help.

4) A. Code compliance officers took down more than
300 signs in a single day. Rates of illegal sign posting are surging, and more people are putting them up to look for work.
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