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Marisa Demarco
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Mayor _____? What is the governor proposing to take a swing at with his budget-trimming ax? How many part-timers do state colleges and universities keep on the rosters? A lead in a 10-year-old murder case may come from …

1) Who’s announced their intention to run for mayor in 2009?

a. Former state Senate President Pro Tem Richard Romero

b. City Councilor Michael Cadigan

c. City Councilor Debbie O’Malley

d. Donna Rowe, founder of homeless organization Youth in Transitions

e. All of the above

2) Gov. Bill Richardson proposed to balance the budget by cutting $76 million from …

a. Transportation

b. Education

c. His own travel budget

d. D.A.R.E.

3) What percentage of instructors in New Mexico colleges and universities are "part-time"?

a. 4 percent

b. 14 percent

c. 24 percent

d. 54 percent

4) Where do detectives say they could find information on a 10-year-old murder case?

a. On MySpace

b. In a dug-up coffin

c. Under the abandoned train station

d. At the Duck Pond

Answer Me This


1) E. They all say they’re going to run, with
Donna Rowe being the most recent candidate to jump into the fray. This is the first mayoral election in Albuquerque where public financing can be used to fund campaigns.

2) B. The governor proposed to
slim down education budgets by $76 million. He suggested increasing class sizes as a way to cut costs. The money-saving measure is a problem for some state educators, who say districts are already dealing with shortfalls.

3) D. According to a study by the Higher Education Department,
54 percent of faculty at the state’s higher-learning institutions are considered "part-time," though many carry heavy course loads. They are paid slightly more than half of what full-time counterparts make.

4) A. In a search warrant request, investigators say the suspect in a 10-year-old triple murder has been discussing details of the deaths with his ex-wife
on MySpace. The trial is scheduled to start in March.
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