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Simon McCormack
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Who did an angry driver try to run over, according to sheriff’s deputies? How much water does Southern New Mexico have? What’s wrong with Powerball tickets in New Mexico? And why is a volunteer racquetball coach being indicted?

1) Who is a woman accused of trying to hit with her car?

a. A helpless squirrel

b. A person who tried to attack her

c. Her mother

d. Her ex-boyfriend’s son

2) How much water do experts say Southern New Mexico has?

a. Dangerously low amounts

b. About what’s in a Big Gulp (32 ounces)

c. An ample supply

d. Enough to get the region through a 15-year drought

3) Two New Mexico stores sold Powerball tickets with …

a. Illegible numbers

b. Numbers that had no chance of winning

c. Too many digits

d. All of the above

4) What is a racquetball coach accused of?

a. Sending sexually explicit e-mails to minors

b. Working kids to exhaustion during practices

c. Threatening a parent

d. All of the above

Answer Me This


1) D. Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman who they say attempted to run her car into her ex-boyfriend’s 7 year-old son. Deputies claim the woman got in an argument with her ex, then drove her car forward, smashing into another vehicle. According to a report, she threw her car in reverse and headed in the direction of the boy and another woman. The ex-boyfriend was able to reach into the car and steer it away from the boy, the deputies say, making sure no one got hurt. The woman faces aggravated assault and child abuse charges.

2) C. Water conservation experts say Southern New Mexico has
enough water to last the region at least two to three decades. The water gurus who attended a conference in Las Cruces the weekend of Jan. 24-25 say the water could last even longer. For that to happen new technology, like desalinization plants, would have to be built.

3) B. The New Mexico Lottery Authority says
450 lottery tickets that had no chance of winning were sold in New Mexico. In early January, Powerball switched to a new numbering system that took out some numbers and added others. The faulty tickets followed the old format and had numbers that could not be drawn. The Lottery Authority offered customers who bought the bunk tickets a chance to exchange them for valid ones.

4) A. The coach faces
five charges of child solicitation by electronic communication device. Police say he sent explicit e-mails to two underage girls. The man was indicted Friday, Jan. 23, by a grand jury.
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