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Simon McCormack
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What is the state’s unemployment office doing to help folks who are out of work? Why was a DWI lawyer arrested? Lawmakers from the Southeast Heights want to stop calling the area the War Zone. And what kind of burglary ring do cops say they’ve popped?

1) What is the Department of Workforce Solutions doing to aid those who have lost their jobs?

a. Increasing the amount of money given to unemployed people

b. Opening a 24-hour hotline

c. Getting unemployment checks out faster

d. Adding more workers to the department

2) A DWI lawyer was charged with:

a. Evading a police officer

b. Domestic abuse

c. Driving while intoxicated

d. Making obnoxious commercials

3) What could the neighborhood commonly referred to as the War Zone be called?

a. The International District

b. The Fairgrounds Neighborhood

c. La Mesa Community

d. The Fun Zone

4) What kind of burglary ring do Santa Fe police say they’ve busted?

a. An mid life-crisis burglary ring

b. An teen burglary ring

c. An international crime syndicate

d. A group of white-collar energy company executives

Answer Me This


1) D. Workforce Solutions
hired 16 temporary employees and added 15 workers from other state agencies. The department wants to hire five more employees as soon as possible. The new workers are needed to help answer the flood of calls the department receives daily from people trying to get unemployment benefits.

2) C. Attorney John Higgins was put in the slammer after being charged with
driving while intoxicated. According to the criminal complaint filed by the Albuquerque Police Department, Higgins told the arresting officers, "You are so screwed." Higgins was also arrested in 2001 for DWI.

3) A. City Councilor Rey Garduño and state Sen. Tim Keller are working on a resolution to rename a Southeast Heights neighborhood the
International District. Community members have been trying to rename the area called the War Zone for several years. Many say the new moniker would capture the cultural diversity of the area.

4) B. Cops say the
teen burglary ring stole more than $100,000 in money and property. The members of the group are all between the ages of 14 and 19, according to Santa Fe police. Investigators have tied 29 commercial and residential burglaries to the group. Four people have been arrested in connection with the burglary ring, and police expect more arrests will follow when the case goes before a grand jury.
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