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Marisa Demarco
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How overcrowded is the city’s jail? Who would win in a fight: Denish or Chavez? Who’s in charge of the city’s animal shelters? Is that coal plant thing happening?

1) The Metropolitan Detention Center is bracing for the influx of drunks and fighters that are arrested during the State Fair. Even before the extras start flooding in, the jail is already over capacity by:

a. 424 inmates

b. 24 inmates

c. 1,024 inmates

d. about 224 inmates

2) According to a preliminary Journal poll, When it comes to the 2010 governor’s race, New Mexico Democrats break down this way:

a. 60 percent like Denish; 20 percent like Chavez; the rest are moving away.

b. 25 percent like Denish; 24 percent like Chavez; the rest will wait and see.

c. 100 percent like Denish; 0 percent like Chavez.

d. 50 percent like Denish; 30 percent like Chavez; the rest don’t know.

3) Last week, “Answer Me This” reported that Denise Wilcox, director of Albuquerque’s animal shelters, would be replaced by veterinarian John Romero. That’s true. But he is to co-direct a new department, the "Animal Welfare Department" with Intel Global manager Jeanine Patterson. City Councilor Sally Mayer says the call is a money-waster because:

a. It costs money to start a department.

b. Though Wilcox took in $99,000 a year, her replacements will make about $90,000 each.

c. Both a and b.

4) Looks like the Desert Rock Energy Company is getting ready to build. Fluor Corp. was awarded the contract to build and manage the coal plant on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. The plant is scheduled to be up and running in:

a. Late 2020

b. By the end of 2008.

c. Early 2013.

d. In six months.

Answer Me This


1) A. The jail is over its rated capacity by 424. The Metropolitan Assessment and Treatment Services center should be able to take 50 substance abusers needing to detox off the jail’s hands. The Fair usually causes the highest numbers in the jail of the year, but this year, the numbers were high even before it began.

2) D. If a poll done about three years in advance is any indication (and it really isn’t), Denish takes home half of the Democratic vote. The poll said she did well statewide and also kicked some Chavez butt in Albuquerque, where Chavez has been elected three times.

3) C. Sally Mayer, sponsor of the HEART ordinance, says extra money would be better spent caring for the animals in our overcrowded shelters.

4) C. The plant, to be completed at the latest in 2013, will produce 1,500 megawatts of power. The coal plant, which will be built in northwestern New Mexico, has been a huge point of contention.
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