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Simon McCormack
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What animal caused a traffic jam? A New Mexico woman got arrested for threatening whom? What new facility opened its doors in the South Valley? And who do detectives say is responsible for a gruesome murder?

1) What kind of animal was struck by traffic on I-25?

a. A horse

b. A mountain lion

c. A pig

d. A Mexican gray wolf

2) An East Mountains resident was put in custody after she threatened whom?

a. Gov. Bill Richardson

b. Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White

c. Sen. Jeff Bingaman

d. President Obama

3) What new facility opened in the South Valley?

a. An urgent care center

b. A new Creamland Dairy processing facility

c. A waste management plant

d. A four-star hotel

4) According to Bernalillo County detectives, who committed a Mesa murder?

a. A roving gang of feral children

b. A Mexican drug cartel

c. The Albuquerque chapter of the Bloods

d. A fugitive featured on "America’s Most Wanted"

Answer Me This


1) C. A
200-pound pig was hit by traffic on I-25 after Albuquerque police say the animal fell out of a trailer. By the time police arrived at the seen, the pig had to be euthanized. Two northbound lanes on I-25 near Comanche were closed temporarily due to the incident.

2) D. While in Williams, Ariz., an East Mountains resident rammed her truck into a fuel tanker and
verbally threatened Obama’s life, according to police. She then tried to light several fuel tankers on fire, police say, before being wrestled down by police. The woman is charged with terrorism, attempted first-degree murder and endangerment.

3) A. An
urgent care center started seeing patients in the South Valley on Monday, Feb. 16. The center, located near Rio Bravo and Second Street, is expected to have shorter wait times than an emergency room. Albuquerque Health Partners runs the facility.

4) B. Detectives say a murder committed in January 2008 was carried out by members of a
Mexican drug cartel. A man was shot 22 times, burned and left in the middle of a road on the West Mesa, according to detectives. Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White says the man was contracted by a cartel to smuggle drugs across the border to El Paso. When he decided to take the drugs to Albuquerque instead, the cartel had him killed, White says. The Sheriff’s Department has been investigating the murder for 13 months.
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