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Simon McCormack
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What new feature do ignition interlocks sport? What was found in two Albuquerque stores? One more hardship for food bank clients. And what’s come as a result of the state’s hiring freeze?

1) Judges in Bernalillo County can now require that what be installed on ignition interlocks?

a. Marijuana sensors

b. Anti-tampering equipment

c. Mouthwash dispensers

d. Cameras

2) What did police discover in a Smith’s and near a Target?

a. Bars of pure gold

b. Chemical bombs

c. Severed human hands

d. Dog-fighting rings

3) Those who use the services of the Rio Grande Food Project could encounter which of the following?

a. Lengthy food lines

b. Reduced operating hours

c. Identify theft

d. Background checks

4) What has happened since the state implemented a hiring freeze in November?

a. More people were brought on anyway

b. Hundreds of state employees have been laid off

c. Budget cuts have sliced employee pension plans

d. Legislators have to make their own coffee

Answer Me This


1) D.
Cameras on ignition interlocks take a picture of the person blowing into the device. They are designed to make sure convicted drunk drivers aren’t getting a sober person to blow into their interlock for them. If the camera catches any funny business, a judge can send the DWI offender to jail.

2) B. The Albuquerque Police Department’s bomb squad discovered
chemical bombs in two Albuquerque stores. The first, left on Friday, Feb. 20, exploded in a Northeast Heights Smith’s. Two juveniles were taken into custody in connection with the blast that injured 15 people. The second chemical bomb was found in an alleyway outside the Target on Montgomery and Wyoming. Police recovered the bomb before it exploded. It’s unknown whether there’s a connection between the two bombs.

3) C. Clients of the Rio Grande Food Project may become victims of
identity theft. A laptop containing tens of thousands of clients’ Social Security numbers and other personal information was stolen from the food bank. Rio Grande Food Project employees are sending out letters in English and Spanish notifying people their identities may be at risk. Anyone concerned about identify theft can file a fraud alert with one of the three national credit bureaus.

4) A. Since the
hiring freeze was put in place, elected officials have brought on 24 new state employees. Sixteen of the new hires are under the control of Gov. Bill Richardson. Each job required an exemption from the freeze and approval from the Department of Finance and Administration and the State Personnel Office. The governor’s office says many of the new hires are replacing people who retired. Overall, the number of state employees is shrinking, because for every new hire, there are several positions left unfilled, according to the Governor’s Office.
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