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Simon McCormack
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Scammers sneak you a computer virus while pretending to be who? The latest in airport-security tech at the Sunport. How much stimulus money is HUD giving New Mexico? And what’s new with the Rail Runner?

1) The state Attorney General’s Office says Internet scammers are pretending to be what government entity?

a. The CIA

b. Sen. John McCain’s office

c. The Department of Homeland Security

d. The IRS

2) What new security feature is safeguarding the Sunport?

a. Whole-body imaging

b. Bomb-sniffing dogs

c. Machines that shoot air into your clothes

d. Guards who are not shy about screaming "Take off your shoes!" at bewildered travelers

3) The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it will give New Mexico how much stimulus cash?

a. About $50,000

b. Five bucks

c. Close to $50 million

d. Close to $7 billion

4) What’s the good news on the Rail Runner front?

a. Almost all the trains are running on time

b. A new Saturday train has been added

c. Beverage stations have been installed on every train

d. Mechanical glitches have been eliminated

Answer Me This


1) D. Computer con artists are
pretending to be the IRS in order to trick unsuspecting Internet users into downloading a virus. The state Attorney General’s Office warns New Mexicans that the IRS never tries to contact people online. If you receive an e-mail from someone claiming to be the IRS, forward the e-mail to:

2) A. The Sunport now uses
whole-body imaging technology to see what passengers are carrying with them. The technology produces images that show what’s on a person’s body down to their skin. The Sunport is the second airport in the nation to use this type of imaging, which looks like photo negatives.

3) C. HUD is providing New Mexico with close to
$50 million in stimulus funds. The money will be used to improve public buildings, renovate public housing and build affordable housing. HUD received $10.1 billion to parcel out to states as part of the stimulus package passed in February. About 25 percent of the $10.1 billion will be awarded on a competitive basis to states creating green jobs. It will also help homeowners dodging foreclosure.

4) B. There’s a new
midmorning Rail Runner to ride on Saturdays. The addition should ease overcrowding on Saturday trains, according to Rail Runner officials. Before the train was added, packed cars forced some passengers to stand during the entire hour-plus commute to Santa Fe.
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