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Simon McCormack
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What did a woman accidentally gulp down? How much could PNM rates increase? Albuquerque Public Schools has a plan for "high-poverty" schools. UNM men’s basketball head coach won an award for what?

1) What did a Gallup woman accidentally swallow?

a. A bumble bee

b. A prosthetic finger

c. An engagement ring

d. An oral thermometer

2) PNM wants to raise electrical rates by how much?

a. Just a little bit—about 1 percent

b. Enough so you’ll feel it—10 percent

c. A significant 25 percent

d. The company wants to double the rates.

3) What will APS do with "high-poverty" schools?

a. Ask them to hold lots of bake sales

b. Turn them into charter schools

c. Ask Intel to sponsor them in exchange for water rights

d. Give the schools more money

4) What did Lobo men’s basketball coach Steve Alford win?

a. Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year

b. Paul Mitchell’s Best Greased-Back Hair award

c. NCAA Coach of the Year—honorable mention

d. The Bobby Knight Loudest Screamer award

Answer Me This


1) C. A woman’s fiancé dropped an engagement ring into a milkshake and challenged her to a chugging contest that was also meant to be a marriage proposal. After she won the competition, her soon-to-be husband realized the ring was nowhere in sight. The couple rushed to the hospital, and the woman eventually retrieved the ring after a lucky bathroom break. It now rests comfortably on her finger.

2) B. A proposal by PNM would increase electric rates by 10 percent. If it’s approved by the Attorney General’s Office, the plan will be phased in. On July 1, 65 percent of the rate hike would go into effect, and the rest of the increase would be implemented in March 2010.

3) D. Superintendent Winston Brooks noticed an unequal distribution of funding districtwide, so schools in rich neighborhoods will see
budget cuts. The plan is being criticized because some of the city’s largest schools will also be seeing less cash in the attempt to even things out.

4) A. In his second season at UNM, Alford won the
Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year award. The Lobos were picked to finish fifth in the conference at the beginning of season. But in the end, the team split the conference title three ways with BYU and Utah. The lobos are 21-10 overall.
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