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Simon McCormack
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What was found in a Westgate Heights yard? What’s the good news for people without a job? Who gave up his top spot? Why should APD be pleased?

1) What was found in a woman’s backyard?

a. A dinosaur bone

b. Two tickets to paradise

c. A human foot

d. A diamond

2) Unemployed people have what to look forward to?

a. More money per week in unemployment benefits

b. Several upcoming job fairs in New Mexico

c. Relaxed restrictions on who can receive food stamps

d. Several new companies moving to the state have promised to hire New Mexicans

3) Who is no longer king of the mountain?

a. A top dog at UNM

b. Orbit the Isotopes’ mascot

c. The mayor’s right-hand man

d. The chief of police

4) What should the Albuquerque Police Department be grateful for?

a. Snappy new uniforms

b. Relatively few homicides

c. Domestic abuse rates are dropping

d. More people want to join the force

Answer Me This


1) C. A human foot was found in the yard of a woman who’s been missing for more than a week. A relative of the woman told police he noticed some loose dirt in the yard, began digging and uncovered the foot. Investigators must begin excavating the crime scene without disturbing potential evidence. Police say they don’t know whether the foot is attached to a body, or if it’s been severed. There are no suspects in the case, but it is being investigated as a murder.

2) B. Seven
job fairs are scheduled in New Mexico over the coming weeks. Click here for the time, date and location of the upcoming events.

3) A.
Jamie Koch is giving up his position as president of the Board of Regents at the University of New Mexico. Koch, who will remain on the board, says he made the decision to avoid being a distraction. Some members of UNM’s staff and faculty have asked Gov. Bill Richardson to recommend that Koch be kicked off the board entirely. Thus far, the Governor has expressed support of Koch remaining there. Richardson suggested that Raymond Sanchez be made the new president of the board. In February, UNM faculty delivered a no confidence vote on Koch, President David Schmidly and David Harris, UNM’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer.

4) D. People from all over the country are coming to the Duke City to
join APD. The department has already met its goal of getting 1,100 people to try-out for the force by the end of the year. Many potential officers say they signed up because of the difficult financial times. Even though APD has met its recruiting aims, the department is still looking for people interested in becoming one of Albuquerque’s finest.

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