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How did a sick teenager spend his prom night? Bad news for smokers. What are mobile home owners demanding? Which TV show will begin shooting in New Mexico?

1) What did a hospitalized high school junior do on prom night?

a. Argue with insurance companies over medical expenses

b. Write hundreds of thank you letters to friends and family

c. Dance at prom

d. Watched his friend play in the NCAA Tournament

2) What’s the latest disappointing news for smokers?

a. A study shows smoking doesn’t help you lose weight.

b. A new cigarette tax makes smoking more expensive.

c. Buying cigarettes indirectly benefits human trafficking.

d. New Mexicans who smoke are more likely to die early than people in other states.

3) Mobile home owners are raising a ruckus about what?

a. Unfair taxation of their property

b. A lack of affordable home insurance

c. High-crime rates in mobile home parks

d. No curbside recycling

4) Which TV show will shoot scenes in New Mexico?

a. “Stargate Universe”

b. “Is That Poop?”

c. “Chuck”

d. “The Amazing Race”

Answer Me This


1) C. Elliot Parras couldn’t make it to prom, so the prom came to him. About 50 students gathered at Presbyterian Hospital’s Child Life Center to shake a leg, and Parras joined his classmates on the dance floor. The Sandia High School junior has a life-threatening bacterial infection called Lemierre’s Syndrome. No illness could keep Parras from being crowned prom king.

2) B. A new tax makes smokers
cough up more change for the privilege of lighting up. Beginning Wednesday, April 1, the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes will climb to $1. That’s up 61 cents from the 39-cent tax previously imposed. The added revenue collected by the government will help pay for the $33 billion children’s health program created by Congress earlier this year.

3) D. Residents in mobile home parks in Farmington are
ineligible for curbside-pickup of their recyclables. City officials say Farmington’s recycling center isn’t big enough to accommodate the added material from mobile homes. In 2011, when a bigger facility is built, the city hopes to get every resident in on the curbside recycling fun.

4) A. Part of an episode of Sci Fi Channel’s “
Stargate Universe” will be filmed in and around Alamogordo. The shooting will take place in late April and early May, and at least 75 New Mexicans are expected to be hired for the production. The show follows a group of stranded explorers who hop aboard an abandoned ship with a preprogrammed mission to explore the nether regions of the universe.
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