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Simon McCormack
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Why is your paycheck bigger? Who will probably run in the mayoral race using public financing? The latest on the mesa mystery. And two women are accused of stealing from …

1) Why did many New Mexicans see their paychecks increase in late March?

a. Because of a federal payroll tax credit

b. Many businesses raised salaries despite the recession

c. The state’s "working poor" initiative went into effect

d. Who cares? Just take the free money.

2) Aside from Mayor Martin Chavez, who will run for mayor using public financing?

a. State Rep. Richard Berry

b. Former state Senate President Pro Tem Richard Romero

c. Developer Rob Dickson

d. Likely both a and b

3) What’s the latest on the mesa mystery?

a. Police uncovered two new bodies

b. A suspect was named in the investigation

c. APD is about to end the search

d. Three bodies were identified

4) Police say two women stole from whom?

a. An elderly woman

b. A dead man

c. A kindergarten teacher

d. A charity for the homeless

Answer Me This


1) A. The
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in February and signed by President Barack Obama includes payroll tax cuts for individuals making $75,000 or less a year. The $400 cuts mean less money will be deducted from your check for federal taxes. People who get paid every two weeks should see around $15 to $20 more per paycheck over the next year.

2) D. Romero qualified Monday, March 30,
for public financing in the mayoral race, according to a news release. To recieve public financing, candidates must submit 3,287 valid signatures and as many $5 contributions. Berry, too, turned in nearly 3,600 signatures, but they weren’t yet verified by the city clerk as of press time. Mayor Chavez qualified for public financing weeks ago, although he has not officially announced he will run. He’s been Albuquerque’s mayor two terms in a row. A state district judge ruled in March 2008 that the city charter banning a mayor from seeking a third-consecutive term was unconstitutional.

3) C. The Albuquerque Police Department announced the search for remains on Albuquerque’s West Mesa is
scheduled to end this week. The department cites a lack of new evidence as the reason for discontinuing the search. Police say even when the excavation of the area ends, investigators will continue to analyze bone fragments to try to identify more victims.

4) B. Two women used
a dead man’s checkbook to steal thousands of dollars from his account, according to police. The man died in December, and a few weeks later, his brother notified authorities that there was activity on the man’s checking account. The women are accused of stealing $11,000 from the account. They are now in jail on charges of forgery and fraud.
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