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How is one high school rewarding students for good scores on standardized tests? What was seized by authorities in a raid? How happy is New Mexico? And the state bans which form of animal euthanasia?

1) How is Kirtland Central High enticing students to do well on state tests?

a. Students are awarded gift certificates for good scores.

b. The school rolls the test scores into their regular grades.

c. Kids with high marks get a week off.

d. The school looks the other way when high-performing students ditch class.

2) What did law enforcement officials confiscate during a raid?

a. Two kilos of cocaine

b. Dozens of automatic weapons

c. Hundreds of roosters

d. Thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills

3) Where does New Mexico rank on the nationwide happiness index?

a. 1 (the happiest state in the union)

b. 16

c. 35

d. 50

4) Which form of animal euthanasia method is illegal in New Mexico?

a. Lethal injection

b. Sleeping pills

c. Death by chocolate

d. Gas chamber

Answer Me This


1) A. Kirtland Central High in Kirtland, N.M., is offering students up to $150 in gift certificates if they score "advanced" on state-mandated standardized tests in math and reading. Students who score "advanced" in one and "proficient" in the other will get $125 in certificates.

2) C. In Las Cruces, Doña Ana County Animal Control agents raided seven properties and recovered
500 roosters they say were being used in cockfighting rings. Four men were charged with petty misdemeanors in connection with the raid.

3) B.’s Happiness Index ranks New Mexico 16 th out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The index looks at household income, debt, employment and foreclosures to determine the states that are most financially gleeful. Nebraska came in first and Oregon finished dead last. The index changes each month based on new economic data.

4) D. Gov. Bill Richardson signed into law a ban on the use of
carbon monoxide gas chambers to kill dogs and cats at animal shelters. Four communities use gas chambers: Clovis, Jal, Lovington and Tucumcari. Other New Mexico shelters use lethal injection.
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