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Simon McCormack
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What effect is swine flu having on New Mexico sports? What delayed a Rail Runner train? Why were people at a Gallup flea market arrested? And big news in Nambé Pueblo.

1) What’s happening to New Mexico sports because of swine flu?

a. Students must wear surgical masks while competing.

b. Students who feel as though they’re becoming ill will be immediately sent home from practice.

c. Teams from every closed school must forfeit the rest of their games.

d. All spring sports are postponed.

2) Why was a Rail Runner train late pulling into the station?

a. The engineer lost the train key.

b. A cow on the tracks refused to move for 45 minutes.

c. Malfunctioning train signals forced the train to stop.

d. One passenger caused a disturbance by dancing around and screaming, "I have ants in my pants!"

3) Why do police say they arrested six vendors at a flea market in Gallup?

a. They were selling stolen computers.

b. Their prices and selection couldn’t be beat.

c. They were hocking pirated DVDs.

d. They were threatening customers.

4) What can Nambé Pueblo residents soon look forward to?

a. A new health care clinic

b. An affordable housing project

c. A better water filtration system

d. A horse racing track

Answer Me This


1) D. The New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) decided to
postpone all middle and high school sports due to swine flu. That puts teams gearing up for postseason tournaments in limbo because they’re not sure whether more games will be played this season. Tennis, track and field, softball, baseball, and golf are on hold until state health officials give the NMAA clearance to let athletes play. The association says the decision isn’t really about protecting students from getting swine flu. Rather, it’s an attempt to be fair to the schools that have been forced to close because of the disease and can’t compete in tournaments. As of Monday, May 4, 15 New Mexico schools had been closed until May 10 to curtail the possible spread of the virus.

2) A. A northbound Rail Runner train scheduled to travel from Belen to Santa Fe was 35 minutes late pulling into Albuquerque because
the engineer lost the train’s key. A spare key had to be rushed to the train before it could get moving. Lawrence Rael, executive director of the Mid-Region Council of Governments, says because of the incident, all trains will carry a second set from now on. The engineer who misplaced the key has been suspended but will return.

3) C. Six people were arrested for selling
illegally reproduced DVDs. McKinley County Sheriff’s Department officers seized thousands of suspected pirated DVDs as well as recording equipment and $1,700. Officers started investigating the sellers after other flea market vendors complained about their competitors.

4) B. The Nambé Pueblo Housing Entity broke ground April 29 on
a new housing development. The Buffalo Ridge Housing Division will include 37 single-family homes and 24 rental units on 40 acres of land. Only members of Nambé Pueblo will be able to buy houses in the development. The rental properties can be leased to anyone who qualifies for low-income housing, but priority will be given to pueblo residents. Buffalo Ridge should be completed in about a year and a half.
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